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Rotary International’s finances

Rotary International and The Rotary Foundation share a long and proud history of financial stability. Rotary’s financial position helps maintain current operations and provide for the future.

Rotary International’s revenue is received primarily from annual membership dues. Separately, services and other activities, such as the annual international convention, publications and supplies, and magazine advertising are included in Rotary’s revenue, as are any net investment returns. In 2009-10, Rotary International’s total revenue was US$95.6 million.

Rotary International’s expenses are reported as operating expenses (functions associated with serving Rotarians, such as governance, membership programs and services, and management) and services and other activities (activities that generate income to offset the expenses incurred). In 2009-10, Rotary International’s total expenses were $82.5 million.

You can find detailed  financial information, including the current year’s audited financial statements, here.