The Club Charter celebration was held on 7 April 1995. The Club has, from its very beginnings, set out to be an INTERNATIONAL club, that brings together foreigners living in Warsaw and the(Germany), Melton Mowbray RC (UK) and Milan RC (Italy). The success of the Club is made possible by the substantial and dedicated support of our members, who truly live by the Rotary motto Service Above Self.


Warsaw-Wilanow Rotary Club was established in 1995 on the initiative of Selwyn Gester, Andrzej Gasiński, and Janusz Krzaczek and with the inspiration of Kjell Magnusson and Gunnar Fjällander. It initially brought together a group of foreigners, mostly Scandinavians, who were working in Poland and a group of Polish Rotarians who had been members of the Warsaw Stare Miasto club.